Adele swears as she’s forced to restart comeback performance over nerves

Adele’s fans were left in hysterics as she let out a swear word and was forced to restart her comeback performance for ITV’s An Audience With.

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The singer, 33, has been making the headlines recently after dropping her new album, titled 30, for the first time in six years.

And during her intimate performance for the special ITV series, nerves got the better of her, and she was forced to restart her performance to Easy On Me.

She turned to the band and asked them if they could start again as she was “sh***ing herself”
Adele had to restart the performance due to nerves ( Image: ITV)
The singer added: “I’m excited but nervous to sing the new songs. They’ve been finished for a while.”

Fans who were watching the live show unfold from their homes took to Twitter to talk about the funny moment.

One person tweeted: “Did @adele just restart a song bc she is “sh***ing” herself? go easy on her baby.”

“Thats why I love Adele, She’s not stuck up her own a**e…Bare jokes,” another commented.

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