Alfred Hitchcock: His 10 Best Cameos Ranked

One of the joys of taking in a Hitchcock film is catching the director’s cameo within it. From The Birds to Frenzy, Hitch made many great cameos.

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There are two distinct periods in Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography. There is his earlier British period and his later 28-film American period (movies such as Under Capricorn, Stage Fright, and Frenzy are British films). The American period started with Rebecca in 1940. From that period on, Hitchcock made a cameo appearance in nearly all of his films.

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While Hitch made intermittent walk-on appearances in his earlier films, it became more of a treat for fans as his career went on. Usually, he’d just walk by the camera, sometimes holding a musical instrument, sometimes empty-handed. The best bit parts found a way to change things up, with some cameos being more memorable than others.

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