Batman Enters The World of Webtoons With ‘Wayne Family Adventures’

Webtoon and DC have teamed up for a brand new series featuring Batman and his sidekicks, exploring their fun dynamics as a genuine Bat-Family.DC and Webtoon have partnered for a brand new series starring Batman’s family in Wayne Family Adventures, showcasing their experiences as a group outside of their heroics in Gotham. As many DC fans know, the Dark Knight has amassed quite a few sons, protegés, and allies over the years, becoming the patriarch of several young vigilantes as they work to protect Gotham. However, this new series looks to spend less time seeing them in action and more time in Wayne Manor itself, seeing Batman’s comical struggles to be a father to so many young heroes.Batman Batdad Classic Logo For Fathers And Dads T-Shirt

At this point, Brue Wayne has a fairly sprawling Bat-Family, including Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Duke Thomas, and Cassandra Cain. Even Harley Quinn is joining Batman’s inner circle in recent stories. However, while he’s undeniably a leader, the moments where Batman has expressed himself as a traditional, caring father are rare in the DC Universe. This new Webtoon looks to remedy that and is bound to appeal to DC fans who have been clamoring for more Bat-Dad content. The series is being written by CRC Payne with art from StarBite, also known as Rhett Bloom.

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