We’re really disappointed Airbourne is going ahead

It iswith great disappointment though not surprising, that Eastbourne Borough Council is going ahead with the Airbourne event for next August 2022 .

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In December 2019 the council announced with much fanfare that Eastbourne will “Go carbon neutral by 2030” but as you can see it is very happy to hold this event, despite it being fully aware of the environmental consequences.

The only reason I can think of to go ahead is because it will bring in extra money to the town.There you have it, finance before the environment.

Inexcusable! It states that the council is planting so many thousands of extra trees to help, but these trees will take about 20 years before they have any impact with the carbon offset airborne wise.

It cannot deny that there will be a huge air and noise pollution for the whole of the four days of the event:

• Jet fighter planes producing huge amounts of air pollution from their engines as they fly over the town and adjacent areas: the noise these planes create during the four days.

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